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In 1993 I traveled to the Middle East as a financial consultant.  I intended to return to the U.S. in five weeks. When the principals of the firm suddenly departed I was held liable for their debts and subsequently sentenced to two years (1996-97) in a high security Arab prison.  Information I learned there was enough for one country to order perpetual imprisonment and another to delete my identity…

I had learned of the preparation for simultaneous bombings of two U.S. Embassies in Africa and future plans for simultaneous bombings of three targets in the United States, (now known as “9-11”) with a follow-up attack.  Having managed to arrange a telephone call to the U.S. Consulate in Dubai, I related all this information to the vice consul and was told to “keep my mouth shut.”

Later that day two Arab secret service agents and an officer playing back part of my telephone call to me.  Three hours of intense interrogation and physical abuse followed.  I was forced to complete a five-page questionnaire detailing my personal information.

I was jailed three more times for the same case and during my fourth stay in jail I was unexpectedly summoned by a judge to his private chambers. Ordering the two prison guards to wait outside his office, he informed me that he “doesn’t know why but has it from high authority that I will never be allowed to leave the country.” The judge granted me a 30-day release “to settle my problems.”

I had to find a way to escape from the Middle East or die in jail. After studying many escape routes, I finally decided to ship myself in a crate as cargo on a commercial airliner.  I worked secretly at night designing and constructing the escape crate using primitive hand tools. After near discovery at the Dubai airport and a near-fatal twenty-eight hour journey, I was free in Amsterdam…or so I thought.

Sometime after my arrival back in the USA, I learned that my identity in the USA had vanished!  I discovered that the disappearance of my records occurred three years earlier, precisely the same time I was interrogated in jail by the secret service agents in the Middle East.

Coincidently, the Justice Department filed a five year old check overdraft case against me in August 1998 weeks after the vice consul in Dubai assumed I had left the UAE. 

The U.S Justice Department seemed intent on returning me to the UAE, even stating in Federal Court that I was never an American citizen, never served in the U.S. military and even my social security number did not exist. I simply did not exist anymore!

The previously reported bombings of three targets in the U.S.A. by terrorists using commercial airliners took place on September 11, 2001. My information was correct on the first two planned attacks and the third remained.  My family and friends persuaded me to inform the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI of the details of the next major attack in the U.S.A. and I composed a three-page letter addressed to then Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Three weeks after meeting with the U.S. Attorney, Assistant U.S. Attorney, two FBI agents and my attorney and voluntarily submitting to a polygraph exam, the Justice Department informed my attorney that no records existed regarding the report to the Embassy in Dubai and concluded that “the whole story was fabricated.”  There was no further action on the threatened criminal “obstruction of justice” case once they learned that I had diary notes stamped with a jail stamp to support my information.

The book goes on to describe the many Court proceedings, sentencing, as well as the numerous break-ins, surveillance, and telephone monitoring that I endured for many years afterwards right up to the publication of my book online in the Fall of 2012.